First Payout Bonus™

What is the First Payout Bonus?

Our First Payout Bonus will provide you with extra capital to invest in yourself—use it to buy a trading book, register for a class, or bank it—it’s your money, use it your way.

We believe in your success, and we hope this bonus will help you continue your journey to becoming the best trader you can be.

How do I earn this bonus? 

  • Once you meet the criteria for the Payout Policy, submit your first payout request from a Funded Level Account.
  • Receive confirmation that your bonus, equal to last month’s subscription payment, is on its way (typically processed in 3-5 days)
  • Celebrate - you earned it!

This is the first of many bonuses that Topstep has planned, so there’s never been a better time to start your trading journey!


  • Am I only eligible for this bonus in my first funded level account? 
    • The bonus should be available for each funded level account but, only the first payout will be eligible to receive the trader bonus.
  • How fast will I receive the bonus?
    • The bonus should take 3-5 business days once our Funding Team confirms the funds have been moved from the trading account.
  • What if I already took my first payout?
    • The bonus is valid for only the first payout per funded level account.
    • If you complete a new Trading Combine and receive a new funded level account, the first payout will be eligible for the trader bonus.
  • What if I purchased using a discount code?
    • If a discount code was used as the last month’s subscription payment, an equal discounted amount will be received as a bonus.
  • What if my payment method is no longer valid?
    • If the payment method that was used for the Trading Combine is no longer valid, please contact the Funding Team.
  • Is there a minimum payout to be qualified?
    • There is no minimum payout required to receive the trader bonus. As a reminder, for any payouts before your Maximum Loss Limit (MLL) reaches $0, your MLL will automatically be set to $0 with a payout.
  • I broke a rule in my Funded Level Account, do I receive the First Payout Bonus?
    • If your ending balance was a positive balance above the starting balance and the payout policy requirement has been met.
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