What is the Consistency Target?

The Consistency Target measures a trader’s ability to make repeated profits while managing risk. In order to pass the Trading Combine® Step 2 or the Pro Account®, your best day (largest winning day) needs to be below 40% of your total profits made.

If your best day is equal to or more than 40% of your total profits made you’ll need to continue trading until your best day % of Total Profit is below 40%.

The Consistency Target has replaced Minimum Days in the Trading Combine® Step 2 and has been added to the Pro Account®. The 5 minimum trading days remains in Step 1.


Why is it important?

Consistency is critical to growing your account for the long haul. The Consistency Target measures long-term, consistent profitability. Previously in Step 2, the Minimum Days target would measure a trader’s ability to hold onto their profits, not if they could earn over and over again, and this wasn’t the best way to help make traders better.

If you’re ready for the big leagues, we don’t want to waste your time meeting a minimum day requirement when you are showing consistency right away.

Your ticket to consistent profitability is when you can put up a repeatable performance. The Consistency Target measures a trader’s ability to balance making repeated profits and managing risk, so you can turn your passion into a profession, consistently grow your account, and most importantly start paying yourself.


How is it Calculated?

The Consistency Target calculation relates to your best day’s profit and your account’s overall profit. As long as your Best Day is below 40% of your overall profit you are meeting the target requirement. This can be monitored on your dashboard and is displayed as best day % of Total Profit.

  • Calculation: Best Day Profit ÷ Overall Profit = Best Day % of Total Profit
  • 50K Example: $900 Best Day ÷ $2,800 Overall = 32%

This means that you have the potential to reach the Consistency Target in as little as three winning days if each day is less than 40% of your overall profit and the profit target is met!


What is the Recommended Best Day?

Since your best day must be below 40% of your overall profit we suggest you always set your daily profit target below that amount in your trading plan. This allows you to lock in profits each day, prevent overtrading, and show consistency. If your best day is 40% or larger than your profit target you will need to make additional profit.

With this in mind, we recommend never exceeding the following daily profit total for your Best Day:

Account Size

Profit Target

Best Day Recommendation



Less than $1,200



Less than $2,400



Less than $3,600

Pro Account


Less than $2,000


Why Does My Dashboard Show I Need to Make Additional Profits?

If your best day profit is 40% or more of the profit target, you will need to earn additional profits above the profit target in order to show consistency. This is because your best day will be set in your account’s history and cannot be changed.

  • Calculation: Best Day Profit ÷ 40% = Total Profit Needed
  • 50K Example: $1,600 Best Day ÷ 0.4 = $4,000 ($3,000 Profit Target plus more than $1,000 in additional profit for consistency)

To avoid an increased profit target, you should set your daily profit target at the recommended best day listed in the table above.


When is the Consistency Target Required?

The Consistency Target is included in Step 2 of the Trading Combine® as well as the Pro Account® where traders are able to show they can not only manage risk but can also have consistent, ongoing success. The target is not required in the Live Funded Account, Premium Funded Account®, Express Funded Account™, or Swing Trading Combine.

However, continuing to use the same mindset and daily trading plan as used with the Consistency Target should help you with sustainable success in the live accounts. These accounts are the final step where you are trading Topstep’s® capital in the live markets. Therefore, there are no targets whatsoever, including the Consistency Target. By showing consistent profits throughout the evaluation we hope it prepares you to continue in the live markets!

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