Funded Account Rule Violation FAQ

What happens when I break a rule in my Funded Level Account?

If a rule violation occurs from the Funded Level, Topstep will advance you to Step 2 of the Trading Combine®, should you lose your Funded Account, no matter if your ending balance is positive or negative. You must restart within 30 days of your Funded Account closure.

Earning the title of Topstep Funded Trader means something big to you and to us here at Topstep - this is why you, a Topstep Funded Trader, are only one step from funding moving forward.

*Any offer to restart in Step 2 will expire if not taken advantage of within 30 days of your Funded Level Account closure.


How are payouts handled after a rule is broken?

You can review the payout policies here:


I broke a rule in the Funded Level account today; what is the process to restart in the Trading Combine?

After a rule violation, we will notify you via email with instructions on how to restart in Step 2.

No matter if your balance is positive or negative, Topstep will advance you to Step 2 in the Trading Combine. If you were in a Funded Account or Express Funded Account with a positive account balance and met the Payout Policy, we would contact you regarding what we need to initiate your remaining funds' transfer.


Are there any exceptions to Funded Level Accounts being closed after a rule violation? 

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions for rule violations. If you are an existing Funded Trader with Topstep and have questions, please contact Trader Support through the form here.

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