Current Topstep Beta Features

Topstep is currently providing some features as a part of a limited beta test. If your account has received some of these beta features you will receive an email with more information after you begin your Trading Combine subscription.

Accounts are randomly chosen and provided access to these features at the time of purchase. We are unable to make any adjustments or accommodations to an account at this time. If you are interested in any of these features please contact us as we may expand these features in the future.

Limited Available Features


TraderIQ adds a new level of accountability and awareness to the Practice Account and Trading Combine®, by allowing you to set and be scored against a personal Training Plan. Become a smarter trader, and have insight into your behaviors, so you can make better decisions and improve your strategy.


What does TraderIQ include?

  • Trading Plan: Set personal limits to better manage risk and emotions (Personal Daily Loss Limit, Daily Max Number of Trades, and Daily Max Losing Streak). Think of your Trading Plan as a guide. It helps you improve, but it does not affect the rules or your Trading Combine® evaluation or alert you if you trade against your Trading Plan.
  • Discipline Score: An automated measurement that shows how well you’re sticking to your Trading Plan. It updates after each day you trade.
  • Trader Journey: Track your Discipline Score over time, and continually improve how you manage risk and your emotions.

How does the Discipline Score work?

Your Discipline Score measures how well you stick to your Trading Plan. It updates automatically after each day you trade. The Trader Journey chart tracks your Discipline Score as you trade each day — use it as motivation to continually improve how you manage risk and your emotions. To receive a Discipline Score, you’ll need to set up your Trading Plan. Your Trading Plan measures:

  • Personal Daily Loss Limit: Know when to stop for the day so you can preserve your capital and avoid “revenge trading”. Better manage your risk by not exceeding X% of your account’s Daily Loss Limit. This personal limit can be set at 20–70% of your Daily Loss Limit.
  • Daily Maximum Number of Trades: Focus on the best opportunities, and avoid overtrading, by staying within your daily limit. Limit yourself to 4–40 trades per day.
  • Daily Maximum Losing Streak: Commit to stopping for the day after losing X trades in a row. Setting a Daily Max. Losing Streak helps you stick to your strategy and avoid emotional trading. Stop yourself after 3-6 losses.

Does the Discipline Score affect my Trading Combine®?

The Discipline Score makes you aware of how well you’re following your Trading Plan, so you can become a smarter trader. It is a guide but does not affect your Trading Combine® (it doesn’t alert you if you go over your plan) or eligibility for funding.

Can I change my Trading Plan at any time?

Yes, you can adjust your Trading Plan at any time. The only time your Trading Plan will be temporarily unavailable, is when your Discipline Score is being calculated, at the end of the trading day.

If you update your Trading Plan mid-day, your Discipline Score for that day will be based on the previous plan, and your new plan will go into effect the next time you trade. Please note, you will need to reset your Trading Plan if your Trading Combine® is Reset.

Can I reset my Discipline Score?

Your Discipline Score is going to keep you honest! You can't reset your Discipline Score, but it’s ok to remember the bad days — use them as a motivator to create better habits, continually improve, and celebrate your progress over time. If you reset your trading account your Discipline Score will also reset.


Practice Account

The Practice Account feature allows you to have access to a second trading account. This account gives you the opportunity to test strategies, products, etc. without affecting your evaluated Trading Combine account.

You can view your Practice Account & Trading Combine trade reports by toggling between them on your dashboard. The Practice Account can be reset at any time for no additional fee.

The dashboard does not change which account is viewed when you open your platform or when you begin to trade. Both the Trading Combine account and Practice Account are available in the trading platform. You can choose the account you are actively trading on within your trading platform. You can view more information on how this works for our recommended trading platforms in this article.

Note: The Practice Account is not available on the T4 platform.



Dashboard Alerts

Dashboard Alerts allows you to be notified by your computer’s internet browser. This feature is currently available on Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Additional browsers will be supported in the future.

Alerts are enabled for the following Trading Combine rules:


You can enable Alerts by clicking on the bell icon on the top-right of your dashboard. The Economic Releases alert provides multiple time options that you can adjust.

Alerts are a tool to help you manage your trading account but does not provide any rule break prevention. A trader is still responsible for managing their trading account to avoid rule breaks regardless of this feature. If Alerts is unavailable at any time the icon will be red on your dashboard to make you aware.

If the Alerts are not working on your browser they may be blocked if you use an adblocker. This may be able to be adjusted in those settings depending on the type of adblocker you are using. Alerts will not work if you are using an incognito/private browser.

If you previously prevented notifications from the Topstep website through your browser you can adjust those settings:

  • Google Chrome: Copy the following URL into your Chrome:
    • chrome://settings/content/notifications?search=notifications
  • Safari Instructions:
    • From the browser menu bar, go to Safari > Preferences.
    • Click on the Websites tab and select Notifications from the sidebar.



Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics enhances your trade report and allows you to monitor your progress while improving your skills as a trader. This feature is displayed below your trade report chart. Each of these metrics works together to provide you with a clear picture of your potential profitability or losses on your trading account.


Average Profitability Per Trade

This refers to the average amount you can expect to win or lose per trade. Simply put, this is your average P&L per trade including all commissions & fees.

Coach’s Tip: A simple metric to monitor the overall profitability of your account aside from your Net P&L. Keeping this number positive will help you stay profitable.


Average Winning Trade

The average profit of all positive winning trades.

Coach’s Tip: To be a successful trader, profits should always be larger than your losses. "Let your winners run and cut the losers." By maintaining a large Average Winning Trade will increase the probability that you to be consistently profitable.


Winning Trade Percentage %

The number of winning trades divided by your total trades made (excludes breakeven trades).

Coach’s Tip: Over time, your winning trade percentage will probably be near 50%. Think about how important that makes your average winning trade and average losing trade. Keep this math on your side.


Average Losing Trade

The average loss of all losing negative trades.

Coach’s Tip: Focusing on smaller risks and getting out of bad trades early is how professional traders stay in the game. When the trade is proving wrong, get out! “Your first stop is usually your best stop.”


Reward-to-Risk Ratio (2:1)

The measurement of the potential reward (profit) you achieve per trade vs. the risk (losses) you take per trade.

Coach’s Tip: One of the most important metrics in trading. More rewards and lower risks increase the chances of continued profitability. For example, sustaining a 2:1 Reward-to-Risk Ratio with a 50% Winning Percentage provides you a greater chance at consistent profitability in the markets.

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