Reset Bundle FAQ

Throughout the year TopstepTrader may offer limited-time discounts. One of these offers is the Reset Bundle. The Reset Bundle provides the opportunity to buy 3 reset credits for the price of 2 resets. When this offer is available it will be accessible directly on the main website.

  • What if I buy a different sized Trading Combine than the one I'm using now. Will these still work?
    • Yes! Resets will be able to work for any Trading Combine size regardless of the one you are in now.
  • Can I purchase this now and use it later? 
    • Yes, you can purchase when the offer is available and use it at any time (resets expire 365 days from purchase).  
  • How many can I buy? 
    • There is no limit to how many Reset Bundles you can purchase and use throughout one year.
  • What if I make it to my Funded Account and never break a rule? Can I return all of my Resets
    • No, but the reset credits are valid through the entirety of 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Can I use my Reset Bundle on Step 1 AND Step 2 Resets?
    • Yes! Resets cost the same in each step and therefore the reset credits will apply automatically.
  • Can I gift the Reset Bundle to a Friend or Family Member?
    • Reset bundles will be applied to the email address they are purchased from. You would not be able to send any Reset Bundles to friends or family. With this in mind please remember to log into your correct account before purchasing.
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