Swing Trading Combine® Rules, Explanations and FAQ's

**The 10K Swing Trading Combine is no longer available for purchase**


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the Max Position Size of 5 micro lots mean?
  2. What is the Weekly Loss Limit?
  3. What is the Maximum Drawdown?
  4. When and What Products Can I Trade?
  5. Do you have the same rules for Steps 1 and 2? Why?
  6. How much is a reset?
  7. What are the commissions and fees per round-turn trade?
  8. I already have a regular Futures Trading Combine® with you, can I have a Swing Trading Combine as well?
  9. Important Information

What does the Max Position Size of 5 micro lots mean?

The Maximum Position Size is the maximum position allowed (absolute value) at any given time. For example, you may have long 2 Micro S&P and short 3 Micro Nasdaq without exceeding your 5 Micro lots. If you wanted to add any additional lots, you would need to close one or both of the previous trades.

What is the Weekly Loss Limit?

The Weekly Loss Limit is the maximum amount you may lose at any point in a calendar week (Sunday night through Friday). If you lose more than $500, you will have broken the Weekly Loss Limit rule. In the Trading Combine®, this rule is updated at the end of each active trading day once your trade report is updated but will include unrealized and realized P&L. In the Legacy Funded Account, your Weekly Loss Limit will be calculated intraday using realized and unrealized P&L. We recommend using your account balance to look at how much you have lost in the week. Your Trader Dashboard will also have this information.

What is the Maximum Drawdown?

The Maximum Drawdown is the most amount your account can lose overall before the rule is broken. The Maximum Drawdown for the Swing Trading Combine is $1,000, and it does not trail. Meaning you may not lose more than $1,000 from the starting balance ($10,000). If your account balance goes below $9,000 at any time, it will be a broken rule. This rule is calculated intraday and includes realized and unrealized P&L. If a trader's account balance goes below the $9,000 mark at any time, the trade will be flattened, and the rule will be considered broken at that time. 

When and What Products Can I Trade?

In the Swing Trading Combine®, you can hold trades at any time, including overnight, over the weekend, and through all economic releases. However, we highly recommend you use caution when trading during those times. You are allowed to trade MES (Micro S&P), MNQ (Micro Nasdaq), M2K (Micro Russell 2000), and MYM (Micro Dow). More info about all four of these can be found here.

Do you have the same rules for Steps 1 and 2? Why?

To make things easier to understand, we require traders to follow the same rules in Steps 1 and 2. The reason that we require traders to complete the Profit Target twice is to prove consistent trading. Step 2 ensures that traders did not just get lucky with 1 trade. Since there are no minimum days, you can pass each step in as little as 1 day.

How much is a reset?

A Reset is $59 each. Click here for more information about resets.

What are the commissions and fees per round-turn trade?

In the Swing Trading Combine, commissions and fees are $0.60 per side ($1.20 per round turn trade). 

In the Legacy Funded Account, your fees will depend on the product and platform you are using. You can see this below:

  TSTrader All other platforms
MES/MNQ/M2K $0.62* $1.12*
MYM $0.30* $0.80*

*Fees shown are for round-turn trades per contract traded

Important Information Before Getting Started

If you would like to place a stop or any pending order for your trade, please use a GTC (Good till cancel) order. Any other order type will be erased between 3:10 PM CT - 5 PM CT while the market is closed. 

You may not be able to place new trades or close out of current trades from 3:10 PM - 5 PM CT as our accounts lock during that time. Any running orders will function like normal, and you can trade after that time.

NinjaTrader OCO orders will not be held on the server. If you are placing an order with NinjaTrader, please do not close your platform. Any interruptions in the connection may result in your OCO (ATM strategy) orders not working as intended. 


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