Pro Account™ FAQs

TopstepTrader now provides an additional option after completing the Trading Combine. This option is called the Pro Account. Either the Pro Account or Funded Account can be selected. Only one funded-level account can be active at one-time.

*Please note that the Pro Account is not currently available on the TradeStation platform.

1. Are the profits in my Pro Account™ real money?

The profits in your Pro Account are simulated. At any time you choose or until you reach $5,000 in simulated profits, TopstepTrader will start you in a Premium Funded Account™, a live trading account with a starting balance equal to the simulated profits in your Pro Account. Once in a Premium Funded Account, you can withdraw that balance at any point, including immediately. 

If, however, a rule is broken in the Pro Account, the account will be closed and any simulated profits will be forfeit. The trader is then eligible to return to Step 2 of the Trading Combine at the cost of a regular subscription.

2. What are the benefits of the Pro Account?

The Pro Account comes with a number of benefits. It provides the same opportunity to earn from your trading as the Funded Account®, but allows you to adapt to trading for real money in a familiar,
simulated environment.

3. Why is TopstepTrader offering the Pro Account?

From our own personal experience and after funding more than 3,000 accounts, TopstepTrader understands how challenging trading can be — from the upfront costs to the added pressures of live capital management. We understand that there is a psychological jump from trading in the Trading Combine® to trading a live Funded Account. And we’ve seen how that can impact our funded traders. 

We constantly work to ensure that traders are set up with their best chance at success. That includes easing the hurdle that many traders experience when trading live money. We decided to create and test the Pro Account to see if it helped traders be more successful. 

4. Do I have to choose the Pro Account?

No. Participation in the Pro Account is completely voluntary.

5. Is this just another barrier to trading live money?

No. The Pro Account is an option for traders that may find it beneficial. After passing the Trading Combine Step 1 and Step 2, every trader has the ability to trade live capital in a Funded Account. 

However, in funding more than 3,000 accounts in our history, we have observed that there is a psychological barrier for many traders to place “live” trades. That sometimes results in traders struggling early in the account. 

You know your trading better than we do. So if you would find it beneficial to trade in a familiar environment to the one where you passed the Trading Combine with lower costs, while still earning real money from your trades (via a starting balance when you reach the Funded Account), then we would like to extend that offer. 

6. Who should choose the Pro Account?

We believe the Pro Account is a viable option for all traders, regardless of trading style. We designed the Pro Account to allow for a better transition to trading live capital with a number of benefits. 

7. How do I get into the Pro Account?

First, you have to pass the Trading Combine Step 1 and Step 2. After that, if you wish to participate, you will receive an email invitation that you can respond to.

8. When do I transition to a Premium Funded Account?

Once you choose the Pro Account, you transition into a Premium Funded Account when you have reached $5,000 in simulated profits. If you have profits and would like to transition before you reach the $5,000 threshold, you can do so by contacting our funding team.  

If for any reason, you decide to completely close your account with TopstepTrader prior to reaching $5,000 in simulated profits, we will close your Pro Account and deposit funds equal to your simulated profits in a Premium Funded Account. We can then process your withdrawal request and close your account.

9. What happens when I transition into a Premium Funded Account?

We will begin the process of establishing your account as soon as we receive your Premium Funded Account Agreement. It could take as little as one week, but up to two weeks to work with our broker partners to complete the process. Once your account is ready, we will provide you with your login credentials. The process can be reviewed here.

When you reach $5,000 in simulated profits in your Pro Account, TopstepTrader will start you in a Premium Funded Account with a starting balance equal to your simulated profits (up to $5,000). You can withdraw those funds at any point moving forward.

In the Swing Trading Combine this threshold is $2,500.

10. What are the rules I need to follow? What happens if I break a rule while trading in my Pro Account?

The rules in the Pro Account match the same rules in Step 2 of the Trading Combine.

If you break any rule in your Pro Account, your account will be closed, and you will have the option to return to Step 2 of the Trading Combine at the cost of a normal subscription. If you break a rule with positive simulated profits, those profits will be forfeit and your account will be ineligible to transition into a Premium Funded Account.

11. Can I stay in the Pro Account indefinitely?

No, the Pro Account is meant to ease the transition between the Trading Combine Step 2 and live trading. Our goal is to get you trading live capital and to share in profits as soon as possible. 

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