Why Should I Choose Topstep®?

  1. Built by traders for traders - Topstep® was created by a trader to ensure the success of anyone, anywhere. We have made numerous program changes based on the feedback we get from our traders. We don't just say we appreciate your feedback. We actually ACT on your feedback!
  2. Open Door - Many prop firms will either require you to pay back your losses or will threaten to remove you from their program if you are unsuccessful. At Topstep®, we understand that learning may take time. You will never be disqualified from the program for failing in a live account or resetting too many times. As long as you are willing to work and learn, we are willing to have you trade with us!
  3. Thought Leaders - While many companies are now offering similar-sounding programs, Topstep® was one of the industry's first! We have almost a decade of experience in funding traders, and our track record is second to none.
  4. Support - From our amazing Trader Support Team to the resources we provide to help you succeed, you can count on our team to be there for you every step of the way. While we vow to reply within 1 business day, our normal response time is much quicker than that on average!

Don’t just take our word for it!

You can find hundreds of independent reviews from traders around the world here.

Our YouTube page also features interviews with funded traders from around the world here.

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