What is my journey?

As you probably know, becoming a successful intraday trader who consistently takes capital out of the market is no small task. Losing $1,000+ in intraday trading is a real thing that happens every day to traders. Our mission is to provide a safe experience so that traders can professionalize their passion. The Trading Combine® was designed to limit your personal risk. 

After starting a Trading Combine®, there is no time limit. Once you pass the program, you are guaranteed an Express Funded Account™ with us.

After you earn an Express Funded Account™, we recommend you focus on minimizing your losing days and building up your account balance.

Once you have built up your account, we recommend that you start paying yourself and balance payouts while continuing to grow your account. This way, you will be prepared should you experience an unexpected drawdown. As our founder, Michael Patak would say, “Trade well and always trade for tomorrow.”

If you are thinking about how to leverage the Trading Combine® and have more questions about membership or the path to earning a Funded account, we encourage you to chat with a Topstep Program Specialist who can help answer any questions you have about the Trading Combine. 

You can also reach the Trader Support Team by email at support@topstep.com.

To learn more about Topstep®, check out our Help Center or join Facebook Community.

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