What is the reset?

Anytime you break a rule in the Trading Combine, your account will become temporarily ineligible for funding. You can reset your account at any time during your subscription to change the status of your account from ineligible to eligible by purchasing a reset.

You will also have the option to practice on the account and reset it at a later date. We allow traders to do this on an account that is not eligible for funding so that they can iron out their strategy before trying for funding again. This will not move your billing date. Although the reset never feels good, it emulates the feeling of losing real capital in the market at a fraction of the cost of real losses you might experience in a traditional brokerage account.

There are no limits to how many resets you can use in the Trading Combine.

You can reset your account at any time by clicking 'Reset Account' on your Trader Dashboard.

Reset prices vary per account size.
50K = $49
100K = $99
150K = $149


What is the Reset-at-Rebill?

If you have a broken rule in your Trading Combine® account prior to your next billing date, we will reset your account for free on that billing date. If your Trade Report is showing a broken rule before your rebill date, then the account will be automatically reset after your monthly payment is processed. The free reset only occurs on your billing date and if you have a broken rule at that time. The free reset cannot be used whenever you want during the subscription period. 

As we never want to assume what a trader would like to do with their account, we only reset accounts with a broken rule. We highly encourage traders to use the account to practice if they have a broken rule in their account. You can then wait for the Reset-at-Rebill to reset your account for you. If you are down in your account, but the account is still eligible for funding, your account will not process a Reset-at-Rebill. 

If you want to reset your account prior to your billing date, you can do so by clicking 'Reset Account' on your Trader Dashboard.


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