What is the reset?

Anytime you break a rule in our program, your account will become temporarily ineligible for funding due to the success criteria not being met. You can reset your account at any time during your subscription to change the status of your account from ineligible to eligible by purchasing a reset. Although the reset never feels good, it emulates the feeling of losing real capital in the market at a fraction of the cost of real losses you might experience in a traditional brokerage account.

If you reset in Step 2 you will be able to stay in your Step 2 account. There are no limits to how many resets you can use in the Trading Combine.

You can reset your account at any time by clicking 'Reset Account' on your Trader Dashboard for $99. 

How does the reset impact my monthly renewal?

If your Trading Combine® account is ineligible for funding when your monthly payment is charged it will be reset automatically for no additional fee.


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