How do I access my Dashboard and what features does it have?

You may log into your Dashboard by clicking the link here, or by selecting the ‘Log In’ page shown below. If you have not created a profile with us in the past, you can use the ‘Sign Up’ button located in the top-right corner of our home page.


Once you are in the Dashboard, you can view your trade report for current and past accounts. You can also click on the Resources Page.


This will take you to the page below.


  1. Current Prices - See real-time prices of our 4 most popular futures products.
  2. Current time - Displays the current time in the Central Time Zone. We base all of our rules and support hours off of the Central Time Zone.
  3. Podcast - Check out our Limit Up! Podcast featuring stories and interviews with traders who know what it takes to be successful!
  4. My Trade Report - Quickly access your Trade Report from the Resource Page
  5. Don’t Miss- A list of additional resources outside your dashboard that can help you grow as a trader.
  6. Economic Events - A calendar of events that Traders in Step 2 and the Funded Account™ must follow to avoid rule violations.
  7. Blog - Quick access to trending articles from the TopstepTrader® Blog.
  8. Market News - Major market news hosted by the TopstepTrader® Twitter account.
  9. Video - Increase your knowledge by watching video interviews with successful Topstep Funded Traders.
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