How do I access my Dashboard and what features does it have?

You may log into your Dashboard by clicking the link here, or by selecting the ‘Log In’ page shown below. If you have not created a profile with us in the past, you can select the 'Sign Up' option on the bottom of the login page.



Once you are in the Dashboard you have access to a wide range of tools and information that will help make you a better trader and have a more enjoyable experience at Topstep! Below is a guide for all of the features on your dashboard and how you can best utilize them!

  1. This is your current account. You can use the drop-down to move between each Trading Combine or Practice Account that you have. You will also be able to access closed Trading Combines so you can always keep track of your past performances with Topstep. Clicking anywhere in the box will help you toggle between accounts.
  2. This is the reset account button.  If you have a rule violation on the account and want to purchase a reset you may do so here. Make sure to select your desired account before clicking the reset button. For more information about the reset click here.1.2.png
  3. This is the Resources button which offers a ton of information like the economic calendar, the coaches' YouTube videos, and Podcasts. More information about the resources page can be found here.
  4. The bell is where you can manage your alert settings. Traders have the option to get an alert to remind you to close your positions before economic releases and the end of the trading day. This feature is available on the Chrome and Safari browsers.4.5.png
  5. This will display your username and allow you to manage your account.  If you want to log out, check your billing cycle, check out our Help Center or community, and refer a friend that is all possible by clicking on your username.                                                                                                               5.6.png
  6. The Start a Trading Combine button will allow you to start a brand new Trading Combine.  If you are a new user and have just created a Topstep profile this is where you would take the first steps in signing up for a Trading Combine. For users who already have a Trading Combine, you would be able to sign up for any additional Trading Combine’s here as well.
  7. This switch will toggle between your practice account and your Trading Combine account, if you have a Practice Account associated with your subscription.  When you toggle to the Practice Account your Dashboard will change to a green color scheme and the current account from point #1 will only display your Practice Account.  Additionally, if you want to reset your practice account you can hit the reset button from point #2 to do that. Please note, toggling between accounts  will not affect your trading platform when you launch it.
  8. This button will toggle between your Trading Combine and your TraderIQ™ - Coach T™.  TraderIQ is a new feature to help traders learn and grow in the Trading Combine. You can find more information about that by clicking here.
  9. This is your Trade Report and it is the default selection for when you log into your Trading Dashboard.  This will show you all the trade data from your Trading Combine as well as the rules.  The data here will update no later than 5:00 PM CT Monday through Friday.  This information is not displayed in real-time so you will have to wait until it is updated to see your information from today’s trading session.
  10. This is the Account balance portion of your Trading Combine.  It will display information about your account such as current account balance as well as some general statistics like average winning trade or best day.
  11. These are the objectives for your current Trading Combine. They are updated Sunday-Friday and will show up no later than 5 PM CT. You will find updated information on your Daily Loss Limit, Profit Target, Minimum Trading Days, or Consistency Target here. If you want additional information on the rules you can click on each hyperlink to learn more.
  12. These are all the rules for your current Trading Combine. They are updated Sunday-Friday and will show up no later than 5 PM CT. You will find updated information on your Trailing Maximum Drawdown, Scaling Plan, and Permitted Times here. If you want additional information on the rules you can click on each hyperlink to learn more.
  13. This button will toggle between English and Spanish for the Trading Dashboard. We are anticipating expanding this to other languages in the future! 
  14. This button will open up Topstep Chat Support.


Resource Page

This will take you to the page below.


  1. Current Prices - See real-time prices of our 4 most popular futures products.
  2. Current time - Displays the current time in the Central Time Zone. We base all of our rules and support hours off of the Central Time Zone.
  3. Podcast - Check out our Limit Up! Podcast featuring stories and interviews with traders who know what it takes to be successful!
  4. My Trade Report - Quickly access your Trade Report from the Resource Page
  5. Don’t Miss- A list of additional resources outside your dashboard that can help you grow as a trader.
  6. Economic Events - A calendar of economic events that can affect the markets.
  7. Blog - Quick access to trending articles from the Topstep® Blog.
  8. Market News - Major market news hosted by the Topstep® Twitter account.
  9. Video - Increase your knowledge by watching video interviews with successful Topstep Funded Traders.
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