What happens after I complete Step 2?

After completing your Step 2 Trading Combine, your monthly subscription cost will be turned off and you will receive an email notification regarding your account status.

In order to get your account set up, we will need you to complete the following items:

  • Complete your Funded Account Agreement
    *Tip: Once you have completed all the required fields in the document, you will be able to submit the document. After you submit the document, you will receive a follow-up email notification that will require that you verify your email address. You will need to verify your email address through the email to ensure that we successfully receive your document
  • Submit your payment for live market data
    *Please submit your payment as soon as possible to ensure that your account is enabled as soon as possible. CME Group does not allow us to prorate the data payments, so once we receive the payment, we can apply the funds to whichever month you would like to begin trading, regardless of the date the payment was submitted.

After you have completed the steps above, please review our Help Center article explaining the subtle changes between the Trading Combine and the Funded Account. All the rules are the same as Step 2, but the rules are calculated differently during the Funded Account. We want you to understand what’s being expected during the Funded Account!

We will begin the process of establishing your account as soon as we receive your Funded Account Agreement. It could take as little as one week, but up to two weeks to work with our broker partners to complete the process. Once your account is ready, we will provide you with your login credentials.

Please note that your Funded Account will be considered abandoned if you do not complete the agreements or submit a payment for live data within three months of completing Step 2 of the Trading Combine. Abandoned Funded Accounts are forfeited and will not eligible to trade-in. 

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