What are the differences between the Funded Account® and the Trading Combine®?



Trading Combine®

Pro Account®

  Funded Account®

Weekly Loss Limit 

Calculated: End of day

Based on: Net P&L

Calculated: Intraday 

Based on: Net P&L

Trailing Maximum Drawdown

Calculated: End of day

Based on: Net P&L

Calculated: Intraday 

Based on: Net P&L

Scaling Plan


Updated automatically at the End of Day


Not updated automatically. Please contact us to adjust Scaling Plan tiers up or down in the Funded Account® 

Restricted trading around Price Limits

 Do not hold positions within 2% of a product’s Daily Price Limit.

Click here for more information. 


Commissions & Fees

$3.70 per round turn ($1.85 per side)

Varies depending on the platform you use and product(s) traded.

Click here to calculate your Funded Account commissions and fees. 

Holiday Trading Hours

Trading is allowed on shortened days due to US holidays.  See the holidays with early closes here.

Trading is NOT allowed on shortened days due to US holidays.  

We will notify funded traders of upcoming holidays and trading restrictions via email.  See the holidays with early closes here.


  • Monthly subscription ($150-$375) 
  • Any necessary resets ($99)

No costs

  • CME Exchange Data Fees ($116-$132/month for each exchange you are trading)
  • Platform subscription costs (click here for more information) 
  • Commissions and fees (deducted from your Funded Account® balance) 

Click here to learn more.



Trading Combine: The Weekly Loss Limit and Trailing Max Drawdown are both calculated using the end of trade day Net P&L during the Trading Combine while in a SIM environment.  The Scaling Plan will also update automatically at the end of the day once your trade report is updated. 

Funded Account: Similar to the way the Daily Loss Limit is calculated intraday in the Trading Combine® once in the Funded Account®, the Weekly Loss Limit, and Trailing Max Drawdown are also liquidated intraday (based on unrealized P&L). This means if you reach one of these limits at any point during the trading day, you will break a rule and you will be locked out of your account immediately. At this time, the Scaling Plan levels are not automatically updated in the Funded Account as they do in the Trading Combine® and Pro Account®. A trader will need to contact us to have their max position size adjusted up or down.

An additional rule in the Funded Account® states: Do not hold positions within 2% of a product’s Daily Price Limit. More information on what this means can be reviewed here.

Commissions & Fees

Trading Combine®: Commissions and Fees are 1.85 per side (3.70 round turn) during the Trading Combine® while in a SIM environment.

Funded Account®: Commissions and fees vary depending on the product you are trading. Please view our explanation on how to calculate your commissions and fees during the Funded Account.

Commissions Calculation on Rithmic Platforms

Trading Combine®: Fees and Commissions will be included in your P&L. You can use your P&L to get an accurate count of your P&L for the day.

Funded Account®: Fees and Commissions are not included in your P&L. You will need to be aware of these costs. You will need to either reference the 'Total Commissions' column or compare the difference between your Account Balance (your current balance) and Cash on Hand (your balance at the start of the trading day).

Holiday Trading Hours 

Trading Combine: Traders can participate in the markets according to the CME Group trading hours.

Funded Account: Normally, traders will be required to be flat during the holiday weeks of Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and the last two calendar weeks of December. However, for the 4th of July Holiday 2020, Funded Traders will be able to trade up until Thursday, July 2nd. Please contact your Risk Manager for more information.

Trading during prohibited times will result in the closure of the Funded Account®.

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