TradeStation Rebate Program FAQ

What is the TradeStation Rebate Program? Those who use TradeStation in the Trading Combine are eligible for a rebate program from TradeStation for up to 100% of their TopstepTrader Trading Combine fees, both subscriptions, and Resets. This rebate will be applied to commissions acquired when in a live brokerage account with Tradestation. This does not apply to the Funded Account®.

How do I redeem the rebate? 
Whenever you are ready to redeem the rebate, contact TradeStation directly. They will be able to confirm your eligibility, how much you spent on your TradeStation Trading Combine with TopstepTrader, and also assist you in redeeming the rebate. 

Are Professional Trading Expenses in the Funded Account® eligible under this rebate program?  No, only your Trading Combine subscription fees and Resets are eligible.

Can I use this rebate for past purchases on a different platform?
No, the rebate is valid for your purchases when the TradeStation platform was used.







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