TradeStation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for a TradeStation license at any step of the TopstepTrader program?
No, TradeStation is free to use from the Trading Combine through the Funded Account®.

I have personal accounts with TradeStation. How do I access my Trading Combine and personal account simultaneously? Unfortunately, TradeStation does not support multiple login sessions under the same platform for one computer.  As a workaround to this, you would be able to use multiple computers or multiple platform versions (i.e. - you should be able to access one account on the web version of TradeStation and another on the Windows Desktop version - either 9.5 or 10.0)

How do I find the TopstepTrader permitted products in TradeStation? See here

What should I expect after resetting my Trading Combine if I use the TradeStation platform? Resetting your account will generate a new username and password for you to log in to TradeStation with.  You should receive this login information within 1 minute of resetting.  If you have reset your account and are still seeing your old account balance in the platform, please double check your e-mail for your new login. 

How do you roll Futures contracts in TradeStation? There is no contract roll feature in TradeStation.  To roll Futures contracts into future expirations, you have to flatten your current position in the soon to expire contract and take a new position into the next front month contract. 

What are the recommended computer system requirements for running TradeStation? See here

How are commissions calculated in a TradeStation Combine? Is it $1.85 per side like all other Combines or it is $1.20 as displayed in the Order Confirmation? The commissions in your TradeStation Combine are calculated similarly to Combines on any other platform and are $1.85 per contract side. 


How are commissions & fees displayed in the Funded Account? The P&L and Account Balance displayed daily on the TradeStation platform will exclude NFA (Regulatory) Fees ($0.04/RT) and Exchange Fees, thus not representing an accurate live Net P&L or Account Balance in the Funded Account. The live TradeStation Account Balance will update to include the NFA and Exchange Fees the following day at ~2:00 AM CT.

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