Can I place a break even Stop-Order in Tradovate?

You cannot use the auto-breakeven function but can manually move a stop to breakeven at your average price of entry.


Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the auto-breakeven function allows for favorable fills in the simulated environment contrary to what would be experienced in the live market. In an effort to better prepare our traders, we have removed this function to avoid creating a false sense of security. This feature functions differently in the live market and we do not want to create poor habits while trading in the simulated environment.


Q: Can I change platforms?

Under your current subscription, you cannot change platforms. If you’d like to start a new subscription on another platform you can. 


Q: Does this work the same way on other platforms?

The update allows Tradovate to function similarly to out other platforms. Each simulated environment operates differently based on the platform's individual features. We continue to monitor and review all platforms and data feeds to assure we are providing the most realistic program.  


Q: Is this change effective in the live Funded Account?

No, the purpose of this update is to make the Simulated Market as reflective as possible to the Live Market.

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