Can I place a break even Stop-Order in TSTrader®?

Yes you can! 

A couple of quick notes on placing these orders:

  • Break-even stops will only be available from the bracket configuration area
  • Break-even stops will not be available for Trailing Stop or Trailing Stop Limit order types

To configure a break-even stop:

  1. Open the Bracket configuration on either the DOM or chart
  2. Select your stop loss type (Stop, Stop Limit)
  3. Set "Auto BreakEven" to "On"
  4. Set the "Profit Trigger" level that when reached your stop will move to break-even

In the example below, when the stop order is placed it will be 7 ticks below the entry order.  If the price moves 3 ticks in a favorable direction, the Stop order will be modified to the break-even level and will continue to work at the break-even level:

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