What are economic releases?

What it Means:

For major economic releases, Topstep® refers to the economic calendar listed below (all times listed are in Central Time). Economic releases cause extreme volatility and large price swings, therefore, are very difficult to trade consistently and profitably. While we no longer require traders to flatten their trades for economic releases, we highly recommend using caution or to avoid trading when a release is coming up that may impact a product you are trading.

Why it is Important:

  • This allows the market to digest new information, ensuring responsible risk management
  • It’s important to know what releases affect the product(s) you are trading
 Unemployment Rate                                     7:30 AM CT ES, NKD, NQ, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6E, 6J, 6S, E7, GE, YM, UB, ZT, ZF, ZN, ZB, GC, RTY, SI, HG, TN, 6M, M6A, M6E, 6N, MBT, MET
 FOMC Statement                                           1:00 PM CT ALL PRODUCTS
 Crude Oil Inventories (EIA)   9:30 AM CT/10:00 AM CT* CL, QM, MCL, RB
 Natural Gas Inventories (EIA)                       9:30 AM CT NG, QG
 Crop Production                                          11:00 AM CT ZC, ZS, ZW, ZM, ZL

*Pending Abbreviated Trading Hours. Times are subject to change without notice, traders are responsible for being aware of what economic releases are and when they occur.

**Micro contracts also apply

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