When and what products can I trade?

When can I trade?

The Trading Combine® is for day traders, meaning that positions cannot be held from one session to the next or into the weekend close. We require that our traders close their positions daily before 3:10:00 PM Central Time (CT) Monday through Friday. After the weekend, trading resumes on Sunday at 5:00:00 PM CT. 

Tip: You can keep track of the current time in the Central Time Zone (CT) on your Resources Page.

All positions must be closed before 3:10:00 PM CT. The Risk Managers will begin attempting to flatten trades starting at 3:08 PM CT. While this is done as a courtesy, it is still the Trader's responsibility to ensure they are flat by 3:10:00 PM CT. If you are trading a futures contract that closes before 3:10:00 PM, you must exit that market before the daily close to ensure you are flat for the 3:10:00 PM CT hard cutoff. You can review more information in our Prohibited Conduct.

*This includes pending (not filled) orders, stops, and targets.

Tip: Some futures markets close before 3:10 PM CT. If you are trading one of these products, you need to exit that market before the products' daily close.  

Supported futures that close before 3:10 PM CT include Corn (ZC), Wheat (ZW), Lean Hogs (HE), Live Cattle (LE), Soybeans (ZS), Soybean Meal (ZM), and Soybean Oil (ZL).

For special holiday hours, please also take a look at the Holiday Schedule here.

What futures products can I trade?

The Trading Combine® includes a subset of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Futures Contracts in the list below.

In addition to trading the specific products our program supports, we require our traders to participate in the “front month” contract. This means that you need to identify the front month and be familiar with how to roll contracts forward when the front-month changes. 

Tip: Please see the “How to identify the Futures Front-Month Contract” article if you need help with the Front Month.

The CME Group products listed below are the products that traders can use to trade in the Trading Combine®.

CME Equity Futures 
E-mini S&P 500 (ES) Micro E-mini S&P (MES)*
E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ) Micro E-mini NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)*
E-mini Russell 2000 (RTY) Micro E-mini Russell 2000 (M2K)*
Nikkei NKD (NKD) Micro Bitcoin (MBT)*
Micro Ether (MET)*  
CME Foreign Exchange Futures 
Australian $ (6A) British Pound (6B)
Canadian $ (6C) Euro FX (6E)
Japanese Yen (6J) Swiss Franc (6S)
E-mini Euro FX (E7) Micro Euro FX (M6E)*
Micro AUD/USD (M6A)* Mexican Peso (6M)*
New Zealand $ (6N)  
CME Agricultural Futures
Lean Hogs (HE) Live Cattle (LE)
Crude Oil (CL) E-mini Crude Oil (QM)
Natural Gas (NG) E-mini Natural Gas (QG)
Micro Crude Oil (MCL)* RBOB Gasoline (RB)
Heating Oil (HO) Platinum (PL)
CME CBOT Agricultural Futures
Corn (ZC) Wheat (ZW)
Soybeans (ZS) Soybean Meal (ZM)
Soybean Oil (ZL)  
CME CBOT Equity Futures
Mini-DOW (YM) Micro Mini-DOW (MYM)*
CME CBOT Financial/Interest Rate Futures
2-Year Note (ZT) 5-Year Note (ZF)
10-Year Note (ZN) 10-Year Ultra-Note (TN)
30-Year Bond (ZB) Ultra-Bond (UB)
Eurodollar (GE) **  
Gold (GC) Silver (SI)
Copper (HG) Micro Gold (MGC)*
Micro Silver (SIL)*  

*Please Note: Topstep's CTS System does not currently include Micro contracts.

**Eurodollar (GE) contract is not available on CQG (Tradovate, TradingView)


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