NinjaTrader 8 Connection Instructions

Important things to know before getting started

How to: Batch roll contracts in NinjaTrader 8

Create a NinjaTrader Account:

  1. Visit NinjaTrader's registration page and create a personal NinjaTrader Account.
    • We recommend NOT signing up with Google or Apple as it may not provide you with a username.
    • Ninja1.png
  2. After verifying your NinjaTrader Account via email, create your personal username and password.
    • If you receive an error message saying the username is already registered, please select a new username different from your TSTrader or Tradovate username. 
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  3. Click 'Import License Key.'
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  4. Enter Topstep's NinjaTrader License Key, which is free to use in the Trading Combine, and click 'Import': @TST-COMB-INE1-RITH-MICF-REE2-LIVE-SIM3
    • Note: If you have a personal paid license key, you can enter it here instead of Topstep's license key.
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  5. After importing the license key, it should return you to the previous page; if it does not, you can click back.
  6. Click 'Download desktop platform for unlimited free use' and download the most recent release.
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  7. After NinjaTrader is installed, open the platform and log into your NinjaTrader Account.
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  8. Now you will need to enable Multi-Provider in order to add your Topstep Connection.
    • Go to Tools>Options.
    • Under General>Preferences check 'Multi-provider' and click 'Apply' then 'OK."
    • You will need to close and restart your NinjaTrader platform for this change to take effect.
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  9. Now you can move on to adding the Topstep Rithmic Connection.


Adding the Topstep Rithmic Connection:

Watch this video for a walkthrough of the connection instructions.

  1. Be sure to download version R|Trader Pro and follow these instructions to connect.
  2. From the NinjaTrader control center:

    • Click on Connections


    • Click Configure
    • The Connection Options menu will pop up:
    • Click Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage


    • Click Add
    • Click My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage
    • Connection Name: Topstep
    • Check Connect on Start Up
    • Username, type: (found in Account Information email)
    • Password, type: (found in Account Information email)
    • System: TopstepTrader
    • Plug-in mode for market data
    • Click Apply
    • Click OK
    • Close Account Connection Set Up window


  3. After saving your Topstep connection, exit NinjaTrader.
  4. Open R|Trader Pro and log in. You can also follow these instructions if you run into any issues.RTRader.png
  5. After you a logged into R|TRader Pro to monitor your Net P&L you can re-open NinjaTrader. Please note that you must connect to R|Trader Pro prior to opening NinjaTrader.
  6. If you selected "Connect on Start Up" you should be able to connect automatically. If not, you can go to the NinjaTrader Control Center, click Connections and click Topstep®
    • You should now see a green circle on the bottom left of your NinjaTrader Control Panel and also another one next to Topstep when clicking on Connections.

If you are still having trouble logging in please click here

Important things to know before getting started: 

  • During installation, you may receive a pop-up to install .Net Framework. Please allow access to this installation in order for your platform to install properly. .Net Framework installations should be available in your Windows Updates or by conducting a web search for the specific .Net Framework the platform is requesting to be installed. If your computer is up to date, your platform should install without this pop-up message.
  • Be sure to download version R|Trader Pro and follow these instructions to connect.
  • ALWAYS monitor your NET P&L in R|Trader rather than NinjaTrader by clicking on Trader Dashboard, and locating the column labeled P&L. R|Trader automatically calculates commissions and fees, while NinjaTrader does not display your Net P&L accurately in real-time. Topstep Trade Reports are calculated using the data from R|Trader.
  • Trades placed in SIM101 will NOT be sent to us. Please be sure to trade in the correct account (found in the Account Information email).

How to: batch roll contracts in NinjaTrader 8:

NinjaTrader allows batch rollover of the contract expiry of all instruments across all instrument lists and windows on all open workspaces. To perform this batch rollover please see the steps below.


  1. Select the Tools menu within the Control Center followed by the Database menu item.
  2. The grid for the Rollover futures instruments section will show each instrument that is eligible to be rolled over. A contract is eligible to be rolled when today's date is greater than or equal to the rollover date defined for the instruments next contract month.
  3. When selecting Rollover, any instrument with a checkmark in the Update column will be updated to the contract month in the New Expiry column.



Note: Rolling over futures instruments will update the expiry of the instruments across all instrument lists and windows using the instruments on all open workspaces. These changes on workspaces will need to be saved should you wish to preserve them. If there are areas you still wish to use the old expiry with please be sure to switch them back to the old expiry or do not roll over at this time.

Note: NinjaScript strategies are not rolled forward and must be manually rolled over.

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