How do I cancel my Trading Combine®?

If you’re looking to cancel your Topstep® Membership, we’ll be sorry to see you go but wish you the best going forward. 

Every trader deserves a break. At times, traders simply need a mental boost, help re-analyze trading patterns, or just another set of eyes to review your trading report. Topstep® has a team of Performance Coaches that are ready and available to help you level-up your trading approach, risk management, and mindset for FREE!

Our Coaches have real trading experience and fresh perspectives that they are eager to share with traders in our community. If you are open to continuing your trading journey with us, schedule a call and meet one-on-one with our Performance Coaches this week.


Having technical issues? Please contact our US-based Trader Support Team. We know trading can be stressful enough without technical issues. We support many platforms as a benefit to our traders and will do our best to solve or troubleshoot any issues you are facing. 

Our Trader Support Team is available via email at


If you would still like to cancel your membership, you can do so directly from your dashboard. Select “My Profile” → “Billing.” On the billing page you can hover over the active account, click the three vertical dots on the right side, select “Cancel Subscription,” and submit your reason for cancelling. Once complete, your screen will confirm the last day the account will be open. 

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