R|Trader Pro Connection Instructions

R|Trader Pro Connection Instructions

Commissions and Fees on R|Trader Pro

How can I auto liquidate my own trades?

R|Trader Pro Platform Support

R|Trader Pro Connection Instructions

You must fill out the Market Data Requirement forms in R|Trader before you can connect the R|Trader Pro platform to Rithmic.

During installation, you may receive a pop-up to install .Net Framework. Please allow access to this installation in order for your platform to install properly. .Net Framework installations should be available in your Windows Updates or by conducting a web search for the specific .Net Framework the platform is requesting to be installed. If your computer is up to date, your platform should install without this pop-up message.

  1. Download R|Trader Pro from the following link: R|Trader Pro
  2. Install R|Trader Pro by double-clicking on the “RithmicTraderPro” icon that was saved to your PC.
  3. After installation, open R|Trader Pro by double-clicking on the “Rithmic Trader Pro” icon on your desktop.
  4. When the R|Trader login window appears, enter your Topstep® account username and password in the appropriate fields.  From the “System” drop-down menu, choose “TopstepTrader”.  From the “Gateway” drop-down menu, choose “Chicago Area”.
  5. Make sure Orders, Market Data, and Allow Plug-ins are all set to On.


Commissions and Fees on R|Trader Pro

Within R|Trader Pro, click on the “Recent Orders” icon and you will be able to see any working orders and filled trades for the current day. To look beyond the current day, click on the “Order History” icon. Within R|Trader Pro, click on the “Trader Dashboard” and refer to the "PNL" column to view Net P&L and account balances. If your orders are not seen on R|Trader, please contact support@topstep.com

*In the Funded Account commissions will not automatically be updated in R|Trader. We recommend adding the 'commissions' column so you can see where your commissions are at. 

How can I auto liquidate my own trades?

Please note that any auto liquidation settings that you use are at your own risk. It is the trader's responsibility to make sure they have tested and vetted their Rithmic Trader. Any use of this feature is at the trader's own risk and no compensation will be made if this feature does not work as intended. We always recommend monitoring your account closely while actively trading.

Auto Liquidate at Specific Time

As a trader using a Rithmic data-supported platform, you have the ability to adjust your own risk parameters to control the time in which all open positions are liquidated. To enable this feature:

  1. Log into Rtrader and click “Trader Dashboard”.
  2. Right Click on the account in the Trader Dashboard and choose “View Risk Parameters”. You should see this screen below, click on “Risk Parameters set by the Trader”.



   3. Double click on the green box under “Auto Liquidate” and a drop-down will appear allowing you to choose “Enable”. After you enable the auto liquidation feature, be sure to click “Apply” on the bottom right of the screen as shown in the photo below.


After enabling the auto liquidation feature, you can then enter the time frame in which you would like all working orders to be pulled. Be sure to enter the time frame in the 24-hour clock as shown below.


Auto Liquidate for Specific Time Frame per Product

As a trader using a Rithmic data supported platform, you have the ability to set a time for when trading will be blocked for a specific product. To do so, you follow the above directions for setting up an Auto Liquidation time. You will then see the list of products in which you can set up the time block as the photo shows below. Be sure to enter the time frame in the 24-hour clock as shown below and click “Apply” when finished entering the time.


R|Trader Pro Platform Support

See the following link for the R|Trader user manual: Trader’s Guide

Rithmic support:

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