Topstep® Refund Policies

The Trading Combine® provides immediate access to live data and a trading account. Because of this, we generally are unable to offer refunds after a purchase is made. Listed below are our refund policies for the program. Our team is here to help so please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. 

14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

We believe in the opportunity we provide, and we stand by our service. We commit to continually work to resolve any issues. However, if in the first 14 days of your first Topstep® purchase, you decide Topstep® is not the place for you, or you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will refund a maximum of one monthly renewal payment for your Trading Combine. We just ask that you provide feedback as to why the program was not a fit for you. 

Accidentally Left on Subscription

When you start a Trading Combine, you are activating a monthly subscription which will be re-billed approximately every 30 days. You can view and manage your subscription here.

It is the trader’s responsibility to manage their subscription and ensure it is turned off if you choose to cancel your subscription and avoid additional subscription charges. Refunds for accidentally leaving subscriptions on whenever you do not wish to continue in the program will only be considered for a refund within 72 hours after the charge is processed for accounts with no new trading activity.

If your account is ineligible for funding due to any broken rules at the time of your monthly payment, your account will be automatically Reset-at-Rebill at no additional charge after your payment is processed. You would then have a full month for trading and be eligible for funding. 

Forgot Promotional Discount

If you received a promotional discount offer but did not apply it to your purchase please contact our team so they can look into the matter as soon as possible. Since our offers are available for a limited time we cannot guarantee refunds for any discounts that may have been missed.

Passed the Trading Combine After Recent Charge

Passing the Trading Combine requires you to reach all of the required targets based on the account size. If these requirements are met shortly after a monthly payment, we would not be able to offer any form of refund or prorate the payment.

These requirements are outlined prior to beginning the program so that all traders are aware of the criteria for funding. In this situation, if a subscription payment was not made, the trading account would have been closed and funding would not have been available.

Additionally, when funding is earned in a Trading Combine, the subscription and all paid fees are considered used in full. Any new Trading Combine subscriptions would require a new payment unrelated to any previous accounts.

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