ATAS Connection Instructions

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ATAS Application Download

How do I obtain an ATAS Platform Access Key?

Through our partnership with ATAS, we are able to offer access to their platform free of charge to all traders in an active Trading Combine® account. Access your complimentary Key for the Trading Combine by completing the short form here. Please note that this key is only good for one month. However, you can register a new account with the same email as before and receive another free license for a month. There is no limit to the number of times that you can renew the license. 

Once you advance into the Funded Account®, you will need your own license. Find more information on ATAS’s Pricing Page here.


ATAS Platform Connection Instructions 

To connect your TST account, you need to start the platform. After the authorization window appeared,


enter your login and password, received in the letter after registering here.

Tip: Please note that standard credentials from the website are not valid.

To connect your account, click on the Connections button in the main platform menu, then click Add, choose the Rithmic (TST) account in the next window and click Next.



Enter your ATAS Login Credential sent from Topstep upon signing up for your ATAS Trading Combine.  The login will be in your email with the following subject line: TopstepTrader Account Credentials

If you have not yet subscribed to the Topstep Trading Combine, you can do so here.



Click Finish and then the Connect button.

Tip: Check the box in the Auto Connect column in order to connect your account automatically next time while starting the platform. 


Now it is finished and you can start trading.

ATAS Support Contact Information

Help Guide

Email Support:

Skype Support: orderflowtrading

Support hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00-19:00 MOSCOW TIME


R|Trader Pro Connection Instructions

Many ATAS traders run R|Trader Pro alongside their ATAS platform to get a real-time P/L. This is optional, but if you feel it would be beneficial to you, please follow the instructions below to connect to R|Trader Pro. Note that there is no cost to use R|Trader Pro in the Trading Combine, but you will need a license to access once in the Funded Account. 

  1. Download R|Trader Pro Here and install the application.  
Tip: You will need to use R|Trader Pro version or later to log in to the ATAS Platform and R|Trader Pro simultaneously.
  1. In R|Trader Pro, click Allow plug-in connection
  2. Insert your Rithmic Username from Topstep Support into both User ID fields
  3. Insert your Rithmic Password from Topstep Support into both Password fields
  4. For System, select TopstepTrader
  5. For Gateway, select Chicago Area
  6. Click the green arrow to log in



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