VolFix.net Connection Instructions

VolFix Connection Instructions

How to: Update Commissions and Fees in Volfix

VolFix Connection Instructions

1. Download R|Trader

Log in:

  • Username: (found in Account Information email)
  • Password: (found in Account Information email)
  • System: click 'Rithmic01' and select 'TopstepTrader'
  • Gateway: Chicago Area
  • Review agreements, select "Non-Professional Subscriber"



1. Please purchase a license for VolFix.net platform to use in a Trading Combine®. You can do that on VolFix.net website.

2. Download the VolFix platform directly from the Volfix website.

Start the program, and use the login that you received from Volfix.net:


Click COMPONENT (in the top left corner) > Orders Window 


Click on the Setup button in the top right corner. 


Click on Account Connections and select Rithmic; you will see the following window:


Click Add and you will see the following window, in which you need to select:


System: Select TopstepTrader

Username: Enter Rithmic username that you received from Topstep Support

Password: Enter the Rithmic password that you received from Topstep Support

State > On

Click Apply. This completes the installation process. We recommend that you left-click on the chart and select Reload to reset your chart.

**Please note, that if VolFix.Net is connected to Rithmic, you won't be able to connect your account to another platform (for example, R|Trader). To connect your account to other platforms, you will need to disconnect VolFix.Net from Rithmic.

Platform support
Download manual

If you have any technical questions about the platform, please contact:

E-mail: support@volfix.net
Skype: volfix_support


 How to: Update Commissions and Fees in Volfix

  1. At the top of any VolFix window, there is a red control panel with buttons on it. Go to the right corner of that panel and click Window.

  2. Choose Traders Rating from the drop-down menu. The Traders Rating window will open.

  3. Go to the Traders Rating Window and click Order Window button on its control panel.

  4. Right-click anywhere on the chart area of the Order window. Choose Account list from the menu (the last menu point).

  5. Double click on your Topstep® account in the Account Setup menu.

  6. Specify commission per side in the Fee Rate field.

  7. Click Apply to close The Account Setup menu, then close the Account list. Now your commission is applied to any instrument you trade within that account.

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