What is the scaling plan?

As you build/lose equity, your buying power will increase/decrease based on your end-of-day P&L, according to the graphs below.

The Scaling Plan rule will be evaluated each day when the Trade Report is calculated. You will need to email the Funded Account Specialist to be able to trade the next tier.

 The scaling plan is in place to ease traders into the live market environment and build their equity consistently without taking undue risk. Since we implemented the Scaling Plan, the longevity of our traders in their Funded Account® has significantly increased.

Traders will initially be required to scale their trading plans in order to survive an initial drawdown and to allow a true chance of success in the Funded Account. 

In the Live Funded Account, once your cumulative profit is greater than $10,000, you can request adjusted risk parameters.

Why it is Important:

  • Acts as a guide on how to responsibly leverage a growing account
  • Over-leveraging causes the most damage to long-term success

*Please Note: Micros products are considered full-sized lots in the Topstep program. For example, 1 lot in ES is considered the same as 1 lot in MES in regards to the Scaling Plan.

The graphs below are based on your Trading Combine size. Inside the bar graph is your account balance and to the right is the correlating Maximum Position Size.


Here's a quick explanation of how it works

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