How do I get started and can I change my platform or account size once I do?

 Click here for more information on changing your account size or platform.

The first step to funding is to enter the Trading Combine®. The Trading Combine is a real-time, simulated evaluation of your trading performance conducted in two steps. In Step 1, you can test your strategy and prove you can profit in the futures markets. In Step 2, you demonstrate that you can manage risk and that our capital is safe in your hands. Both steps are designed to ensure consistency and to get you to your ultimate goal of a Funded Account®. If you meet the Profit Targets in Step 2 without breaking a rule, your Funded Account® will be waiting. 

Since the Trading Combine is designed to allow you to learn from your mistakes in a safe environment, you may reset your account balance and rules at any point in the Trading Combine for $99 (The Reset button is found on your dashboard). If you break a rule in Step 2, you can reset to maintain your progress toward an Express Funded Account®

Can I change my account size or platform?

We currently are not able to change your account size or platform after it has been traded on. You would need to cancel your Trading Combine Account and start a new Trading Combine back at Step 1.

If you'd like to change the size or platform of your account, please email for assistance.

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