Express Funded Account™ Activation Fee

What is Topstep’s Activation Fee??

The Activation Fee is a one-time, $149 flat fee, charged to traders during the setup process for each Express Funded Account™ earned. The Activation Fee is the same amount across all Trading Combine account sizes. This non-refundable fee helps cover the costs associated with onboarding and monitoring funded traders, as well as the ongoing support and services provided exclusively to Topstep Funded Traders™.

*To prevent delays, provide the same email address as your Topstep profile when paying the Activation Fee.

How much is it?

The Activation Fee is a one-time, flat fee of $149 once you pass the Trading Combine and begin an Express Funded Account. A link to pay the Activation Fee will be included alongside all other required documents after passing the Trading Combine®.

What does the Activation Fee cover?

Account Onboarding: Once approved, the Activation Fee supports the onboarding process, including the setup and configuration of your Express Funded Account. This involves creating your trading account, establishing risk parameters, platform and Level 1 data fees, and ensuring all necessary technical aspects are in place.

Ongoing Support and Services: By paying the Activation Fee, traders gain access to a range of ongoing benefits and services. These include coaching, a direct line to our Risk Managers, comprehensive support from our Funding Specialists, and payouts and contracts through Deel. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and guidance to maximize your trading potential.

Account Management: The Activation Fee contributes to the thorough review the Risk Managers undertake to assess traders' abilities and performance. This involves analyzing historical trading performance, risk management, and adherence to our trading rules.


Q: Is the activation fee a one-time charge or monthly?

A: The activation fee is a one-time charge of $149 per Express Funded Account earned. The fee is the same amount across all account sizes.

Q: Do I need to pay an activation fee for each Express Funded Account?

A: Each Express Funded Account earned will have a one-time activation fee of $149. The fee is the same amount across all account sizes.

Q: Do I need to pay an activation fee for the Express Funded Account and the Live Funded Account?

A: The activation fee is paid upon passing the Trading Combine. This fee will cover the setup for the Express Funded Account and the cost of a Live Funded Account if an offer is sent to the trader. 

Q: How long do I have to pay the activation fee in the Express Funded Account? 

A: We expect traders to pay the activation fee and onboard to the Funded Account within thirty days after passing the 1 Step Trading Combine. Unlike others in the space, we are not trying to get out of onboarding you onto our Prop Firm with unusually short deadlines; for example, we've seen other firms with a two days policy. Topstep's thirty-day policy is to ensure our traders are not kept away from the markets too long before onboarding. Also, the thirty days allow us to keep up with our internal processes to continue offering the great Funded Account onboarding experience we have had for over a decade. 

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