What is the Winning Trade Duration?


Winning Trade Duration is a target similar to minimum trading days and the profit target. When the majority of your trades have a hold duration of 20 seconds or more, you improve winning behaviors that will serve you well in a live account with Topstep, or in a personal brokerage account.

The percentage calculates the number of winning trades that were held for 20 seconds or more divided by the total number of winning trades. As long as the majority of these trades meet this target (50% or higher) you are reaching the expectation and demonstrating long-term winning behavior. This does not factor in losing trades, and remember you can always exit a losing trade at any time.

This target is required in all simulated trading accounts. This includes Step 1 & Step 2 of the Trading Combine as well as the Pro Account. The target is not required in the live Funded Account. You can monitor your status and progress directly on your trade report.

Why is this important?

Traders who had average trade durations under 20 seconds rarely saw success in the live markets and were almost never profitable. In fact, 96% of live funded traders holding positions under 20 seconds had an overall negative P/L.

Trading simulators approximate live market conditions; however, generally speaking, you will get better fills in SIM, especially when using short-duration, high volume strategies. It may work in SIM, but as you can see from the data above, these strategies simply do not work when trading live futures.

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