Pro Account® Rules & Parameters

**The Pro Account is no longer available**

Pro Account™ Rules

The rules for the Pro Account® are similar to the rules that you had in the Trading Combine® Step 2. Details related to the Swing Pro Account® can be found here.

Pro Account Objectives:

  • Profit Target Required
    • The profit target must be reached in order to proceed to the Premium Funded Account®. A payout is not available in the Pro Account®. Payouts are only available in the Funded Account® and Premium Funded Account®
  • Consistency Target
    • The Consistency Target states that the Best Day must be below 40% of the total profits made.
  • Daily Loss Limit
    • Do not hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit or your account will be deactivated for that trading day.

Pro Account Parameters


Swing $50K $100K $150K

Profit Target





Max Position Size

5 Micro Lots

Scaling Plan

Scaling Plan

Scaling Plan

Max Drawdown





**The 10K Swing Trading Combine is no longer available for purchase**


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