Coach T™ Overview

At Topstep, we have long believed in holistically supporting traders no matter where they are in their journey. From the Trading Combine® to the Express Funded Account and beyond, we know traders succeed when their discipline, accountability, and emotions are in check.


Meet Coach T™ — your personalized, automated, real-time extension of Topstep’s Performance Coaches. Coach T is available in the Trading Combine®and Express Funded Account.

Coach T is not only with you at every step of your journey but will also help you build a routine for your trading day: Prep–Trade–Reflect™.




Coach T was created to give you insight into your behaviors so you can take actionable steps towards improvement — and profitability! Coach T includes:

  • TraderIQ: Set and be scored against a personalized Trading Plan. Monitor your score over time so you can make improvements to your strategy and become a smarter trader.
  • Alerts: Build stronger habits and greater trader awareness; put rule breaks in your past.
  • Practice Account: Test new strategies, catch your breath, and plan your next move without risking your funding evaluation. 
  • Analytics: Insight into how well you’re trading and if your strategy is leading you to long-term profitability.

All are designed to be used together, so you can receive real-time guidance no matter where you are in your journey. Coach T is solely here to motivate and help you.

How you can utilize Coach T

  • PREP
    • Set a plan and stick to it. Accountability starts with TraderIQ. 
    • Turn on Alerts to build strong habits and greater trader awareness. Use Practice Account to test new strategies, catch your breath, and plan your next move. 
    • Learn from past behavior and trade smarter with TraderIQ and Analytics.


Have feedback or ideas on how Coach T can help you even more? Contact us.

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