TradingView Connection Instructions

Platform Versions

Topstep Account Connection

1. Create a profile or sign in to an existing profile for TradingView with your personal login.  If you do not have a username with TradingView you will need to first create a profile to access the platform. 

Note: This profile login is managed by TradingView and is separate from your Topstep™ profile and username.

2. Once you are logged into TradingView, navigate to a Chart, select the Trading Panel tab and click on the Tradovate logo within the Trading Panel.  


3.  Next, input your trading account login information provided by Topstep™, and click the blue Connect button.


4. Once connected, you can select the account you want to trade, edit trading settings, and add modules like a DOM by clicking on the head and shoulders within the red box in the screenshot below. You are ready to start trading!


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