R|Trader Plug-in for Market Data

Are you trying to log in to R|Trader Pro and receiving an error message that says, "You have maxed out on the number of sessions?" 

Let's first talk about why you are receiving this error: Your market data subscription, which is provided to you through your Topstep Trading Combine subscription, Express Funded Account, or Live Funded Account, has a limit to the number of sessions or instances you can access at any time. For example, you cannot use your Trading Combine credentials to log into multiple NinjaTrader platforms on different computers simultaneously. 

The good news is that the CME has stated that apps that plug into other platforms are configurable to count as one instance. R|Trader Pro is one of Topstep’s supported platforms that fall into this category. Other Topstep-supported platforms, such as NinjaTrader, Jigsaw, Multi Charts ATAS, MotiveWave, Bookmap, and Investor R/T, can plug into R|Trader Pro and should only account for one instance. 


Ok, now how does that work? 

Each supported platform will have its unique settings to enable the platform for "Plug-in mode." Below are instructions on how to enable NinjaTrader. 

Step 1:

Download R|Trader Pro from the following link: R|Trader Pro (Version or above)

Step 2:

  • Launch RTrader and enter your Topstep credentials
  • Select TopstepTrader as the System

  • Gateway will need to be set to Chicago Area

  • This will be required twice, for the Orders and Market Data
  • Click Allow Plug-ins

  • Click the green arrow to log into RTrader

** Make sure to start R|Trader first and have it running for NinjaTrader to be able to connect.

Step 3:

Open up the NinjaTrader platform and click on the Connections tab.



  • Click Configure
  • The Connection Options menu will pop up:
  • Click Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage
  • Click Add
  • Click My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage
  • Connection Name: TopstepTrader
  • Check Connect on Start-Up
  • Username, type: (found in Account Information email/Trader Dashboard)
  • Password, type: (found in Account Information email/Trader Dashboard)
  • System: TopstepTrader
  • Enable Plug-in for market data
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Close Account Connection Set-Up window



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