Topstep Release Notes

Release Date Released
Consistency Target September 28, 2021
TradingView Platform July 8, 2021
Coach T™ [Beta] April 22, 2021
Scaling Plan Update January 17, 2021

TraderIQ™ [Beta]

January 06, 2021

Consistency Target: September 28, 2021

The Consistency Target measures a trader's ability to balance making repeated profits and managing risk, so you can turn your passion into a profession, consistently grow your account, and most importantly pay yourself. The Consistency Target replaces Minimum Days in Step 2 and was added to the Pro Account for new subscriptions starting after this release.


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TradingView Platform: July 8, 2021

TradingView is now one of Topstep’s recommended trading platforms. Combine two of the most trusted players in the industry to earn Futures funding and join our elite group of traders who have already withdrawn over $2,000,000 in 2021!

It goes without saying — TradingView is a top-tier trading platform. Here’s why millions across the globe love them:

  • Intuitive charting for beginners to advanced traders
  • Hundreds of pre-built studies and market analysis tools
  • Easy-to-use alerts
  • The largest social network for traders


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Coach T™: April 22, 2021

Coach T is a personalized, automated, real-time digital Performance Coach in your trading account that provides support, guidance, and motivation throughout your daily trading journey. Coach T gives insight into your behaviors so you can achieve top performance whenever you get in front of the screens.

Not just for developing traders — Coach T was created to help all traders find success in the markets — in the Trading Combine®, Pro Account®, Premium Funded, and Funded levels. 

Coach T’s tools include TraderIQ, Practice Account, Alerts, and Analytics. They were designed to increase awareness and discipline, but do not affect the eligibility of your funding evaluation or live funded account.

*Available for Futures traders; not available in the Swing Trading Combine or Forex Trading Combine. Technical limitations prevent us from offering the Practice Account to traders using T4.


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Scaling Plan Update: January 17, 2021

The Trading Combine® and Pro Account® now reject any orders that exceed your Scaling Plan limit. This update is for traders using TSTrader and Rithmic, including NinjaTrader, only.* Focus on maximizing profits from beginning to funding, not mistakes.

*Technical limitations prevent us from stopping orders that exceed the Scaling Plan for T4 users. We recommend enabling order confirmations and continuing to monitor your total open lots carefully.


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TraderIQ™ [Beta]: January 06, 2021

Discipline is crucial to becoming a funded trader, and it’s earned by holding yourself accountable. TraderIQ was designed to make you keep your word. TraderIQ lets you set and be scored against a personalized Trading Plan. Track your score over time to gain insight into your trading behaviors and focus on specific areas of improvement.


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