TradingView Connection Troubleshooting


If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please take the time to retrieve and send your HAR files to will escalate this to the developers at TradingView & Tradovate for investigation. We are truly sorry we have to ask you to jump through these hoops to troubleshoot your issues; however, this is the best way we can assist you today in finding a resolution. Thank you for being so understanding. 


  • Positions showing when flat or no positions showing when short/long
  • “Failed to Fetch” errors
  • Fills outside of where you see the market trading


If not already, please log into the web-based version of TradingView. The HAR files are only available via the browser; you cannot access them from the Desktop version of TradingView.  You will need to grab these files while the issue occurs. Please do not log out or disconnect from the platform while doing so.


*This can be done in your Practice Account if you are recreating the issue


How to Pull HAR Files in Chrome:

  1. Open Developer Tools in the Chrome Menu. Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools or by pressing Fn + F12 on your keyboard

  1. Select the Network Tab and make sure the record button is red (click if grey) and confirm Preserve Log is checked.

  1. If there is already data displayed, please erase it by clicking the clear button below:

  1. Reproduce the issue and then right-click on the grid below to save.


  1. Save as Account Name HAR file and send to Support. 


If you require additional assistance, please contact

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