Free Coaching FAQ

What is Free Coaching?

  • In an effort to help build relationships and make better traders, Topstep is offering “Free Coaching” for traders in our program. We want to ensure you have a great trading journey with us, and what better way to do so than work with one of our experienced Coaches!
  • Coaching consists of up to three 30-minute sessions per month, with a weekly frequency.


Who gets it?

  • Any trader who has an active Trading Combine or Funded Account
  • You will receive periodic invites throughout your time in the Trading Combine.  
  • You are also welcome to join our waitlist here. Currently, active traders who join the waitlist will receive access to sign up within two weeks.


Benefits of Coaching

  • Uncover Areas for Improvement
  • Tips from Experienced Traders
  • Accountability
  • Leverage Strengths 
  • Diversify Perspectives
  • Program Knowledge
  • Learn About What Successful Traders are Doing
  • Access to Additional Resources


What can coaches help with? 

  • Identify ideas for areas of opportunity for improvement (provide feedback based on the trading activity we can see) 
  • Offer perspectives (shared experiences)
  • Act as an accountability partner 
  • Recommend trading styles that potentially better match a trader personality
  • Asking thought provoking questions


What can coaches NOT help with? 

  • Teach a novice to trade start to finish 
  • Advice on where to enter/exit
  • Personal money management or private accounts
  • Setting up an indicator or autotrader


Coach’s Office Hours

  • Once traders have completed the Free Coaching series, they will be invited to our exclusive Coach’s Office Hours group in Discord.
  • Catch our coaches live for Office Hours every Thursday from 11:00 AM–12:30 PM CT, where you can ask follow-up questions and discuss the markets.  Our Founder & CEO is also a frequent guest to these conversations, so don’t miss out on time or access to Michael Patak
  • Meet and talk with others who have worked with our coaches. Find an accountability partner among other hardworking traders.
  • Join exclusive workshops where traders and coaches work together to develop new strategies, work on building a solid trading mindset and revisit lessons from 1:1 Coaching.
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