Funded Traders = One Step Benefit

How does this work?

As a Funded Trader, if your account was closed, you will be eligible to start again at Step 2 of the Trading Combine®. You must purchase a new Trading Combine® and notify our Support Team to be advanced to Step 2. 

Traders who have not yet reached the Funded Level™ need to pass both Steps 1 & 2 of our Trading Combine® before qualifying for this benefit.


Q: What types of accounts receive this benefit?

A: This benefit is provided after any Funded Level account is closed. This includes the Express Funded Account and Live Funded Account.

Q: How long is the advance to Step 2 offer available?

A: This benefit is available to any previously Funded Trader with no deadline from the Funded Account closing date.

Q: How many times can I use this offer? 

A: There is no limit to the number of Trading Combine® accounts that can be advanced to Step 2 for previously Funded Traders. Once you purchase a new Trading Combine, please reach out to our Support Team to be advanced to Step 2.

Q: Do I have to purchase the same account size to advance to Step 2? 

A: You can choose any account size. Please reach out to our team once you complete your purchase so we may advance you to Step 2. 

Q: When I purchase a new Trading Combine, am I automatically in Step 2? 

A: No, please reach out to a member of our support staff and they will manually advance you to Step 2. Refrain from trading until you have received confirmation that we have advanced your account to Step 2, as any trades placed during the Step 1 account will not be carried over.   

Q: Does my Funded Account need to have a positive balance to advance to Step 2?

A: The ending account balance does not have to be positive if a rule violation occurs. 

Q: What if I want to close my Funded Account? Am I able to return to Step 2? 

A: If you request to close your Funded Level Account, the offer to return to Step 2 is available. If you have a positive ending account balance and met the Payout Policy, we will contact you with the next steps to initiate your remaining funds transfer.

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