How does the monthly subscription work?

Your monthly fee will recur monthly from the sign-up date until you meet the objective in Step 2 or choose to cancel your subscription. If you ever want to check your upcoming billing date, please click here.

Your subscription date will not change when you reset your account. A reset is completely independent of your monthly fee and can be purchased at any time without ever affecting your billing date. Additionally, if your Trading Combine® account has a broken rule at the time of your monthly payment being charged your account will Reset-at-Rebill for no additional fee.

Can I put my Trading Combine® subscription on hold?

Due to technical limitations, we are not able to put accounts on hold. There is no time limit to meet the Trading Combine objective.

So, you’re welcome to keep it open while you’re away (keep in mind you’ll still be billed once a month) or you can cancel your account. You can then sign up again when you're ready to trade. If you do cancel the account any progress on the old account will be lost.

I just opened a new Trading Combine®, will my other one automatically close?

No, you can have multiple accounts at the same time, so signing up for a new one will not cancel your other account. If you ever want to cancel any of your Trading Combine subscriptions, you can do so by following these instructions.


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