Can I use hotkeys with Tradovate?

Yes you can enable and configure hotkeys to be used with the Tradovate platform.

To enable hotkeys, click on the Application Settings icon in the top right corner of the platform:App_Settings.jpg

Click the Hotkeys tab:


Clicking on the blue hotkey link next to a function will bring up a dialog box allowing you to enter a key sequence to save. You will need to enter a string of keys to function as the hotkey (Example: Ctrl + 1)


Because Tradovate has modules inside a workspace, we make "stacks" active for accepting hotkey commands. Think of a stack as a module or group of modules tabbed together. To "turn on" hotkeys for a stack, we've added an "H" icon to the tab menu area. Hovering over the stack will display this new function:


Only one stack can be active at a time for hot keys. The active stack will display an active hotkey indicator just to the left of the first tab in the stack. Setting a different stack as active will deactivate the previous stack. Clicking the "H" again (or the hotkey indicator to the left of the stack) will "turn off" hotkeys:


Since the ESU7 5M chart is the active tab in this stack any hotkey sequence pressed will perform the mapped function on this module. In this case when I press Shift+B a Buy Market order is triggered:


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