NinjaTrader 8 Custom Download Instructions

NinjaTrader 8 Custom Download Instructions

How to: Upgrade to NinjaTrader 8 Custom Download

I entered the wrong information, now what?

How to: Update commissions in NinjaTrader 8 custom download

I've downloaded NinjaTrader 8 before, why should I download your version?

ninjatrader 8 custom download instructions

Due to our partnership with NinjaTrader, we have a custom NinjaTrader 8 download that is available only for our Topstep® users. This set up will get you connected in 2 easy steps.

If you already have a version on NinjaTrader 8 on your computer, please start here.

Watch the video below or click here for a walkthrough of the connection instructions.

1. Click here to download our customized version of NinjaTrader 8.

  • When the download completes, double-click the installer which should be called TopstepTrader.exe. This will start the installation process.

2. Connect to Your Account

  • As the installer runs, you will see a box that requests you enter your Username and Password.


  • Check the email you used to sign up. You should have an email from Topstep that shares your username and password. Copy your username and password in the proper fields.
    •  Please note that your username and password are case-sensitive

If you did not receive an email with login credentials please check your spam and junk folders. If you still do not have this email, email

3. If you chose not to set up commissions and fees, be sure to download version 14.17 or higher of R|Trader and follow these instructions to connect.

4. If you experience issues...

  • The most common issue is caused by entering your username or password incorrectly in the login box.
  • If you try to connect with the incorrect information, the login box will close, but you will not be connected to the data feed and will not be able to make sim trades.
  • Please read this article for instructions to reconnect if there was an issue entering your username or password.
  • Otherwise, please contact and we will help resolve the issue.

important things to know before getting started

  • Trades placed in SIM101 will NOT be sent to us. Please be sure to trade in the correct account (found in Account Information email).
  • We highly recommend having Rithmic Trader in an accessible location in case something happens. You can use Rithmic Trader to get out of trades if your NinjaTrader is not performing correctly.

I entered the wrong information, now what? 

You will need to update the credentials for your Topstep connection. 

  • Click "Connections"
  • Click "Configure"
  • Under Configured, click "TopstepTraderConnection"
  • Update the User name and/or Password (found in Account Information email)
  • Click "Apply"
  • Click "Ok"
  • From the NinjaTrader Control Center, click Connections and click "TopstepTraderConnection"

You should now see a green circle on the bottom left of your NinjaTrader Control Panel and also another one next to Topstep® when clicking on Connections.

How to: Upgrade to NinjaTrader 8 Custom Download

If you already have a version of NinjaTrader 8, but would like to switch to the Topstep® version just follow these steps:

  • Uninstall NinjaTrader 8 
  • Delete the My Documents\NinjaTrader 8 directory.
    • If you have any saved workspaces in this folder that you would like to keep, be sure to copy them to a temporary folder.
  • Download our custom installer here
  • Install NinjaTrader; the program will download and prompt NinjaTrader to install and once complete ask to setup TopstepTrader connection.
  • Upon completion, NinjaTrader will auto start and auto connect.
  • If you chose not to set up commissions and fees, be sure to download version 14.17 or higher of R|Trader and follow these instructions to connect.

How to: Update commissions in NinjaTrader 8 custom download

*Please note that NT8 does not clear commissions and fees from one trading day to the next automatically; you must disconnect your Topstep connection at the end of each trading day, and reconnect at the beginning of each trading day.

Note: Before setting up commissions, it is recommended that you disconnect from your Topstep connection to ensure an accurate Total PnL.


From the Control Center right click on the account you would like to update and select "Edit Account"


Find the "Commission" box and update it to the "TopstepTrader" option.


To make sure your commissions are correct you can select "View". Per Unit Commission should be set at $1.85.

I've downloaded ninjatrader 8 before, why should I download your version?

Our custom version of NinjaTrader 8 is set up specifically for our traders. Some benefits of the Topstep® version include:

1. Free license key

  • You do not need to purchase a license key from NinjaTrader while you are actively trading in the Trading Combine® (Step 1 and Step 2)

2. Two-step set up

  • Just enter your username and password, adjust commissions and you are ready to go. Our license key and connection set up will be automatically updated once you enter that information. You can connect in less than a minute!

3. Commissions and fees included in Net P&L calculation.

  • Current versions of NinjaTrader don't always calculate P&L with commissions and fees. Once you update this information on your dashboard in our version you will be able to use the NinjaTrader Control Center to track all your trading activity in one place.

4. Start trading right away

  • Our trading template gets you started with a basic layout. You can start trading immediately using our template, or customize NinjaTrader to your liking. The choice is yours!


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