What is a Trade Report and when should I expect it to update?

Trade Reports are uploaded at the end of each trading day and should appear on your dashboard by 6 PM CT. 



1. Net P&L

What is this number?

  • Your total wins and losses, including fees and commissions
  • It is used to calculate Daily Loss Limit and other account rules.

How to use this number?

  • This is your trading scoreboard; gauge how well your strategy is working in the markets
  • If positive: recognize your strategy is working, stay humble, and keep doing what you are doing
  • If negative: recognize that your strategy may need adjusting, keep your head up, and continue to review your metrics

2. Average Winning Trade and Average Losing Trade

What is this number?

  • Average Winning Trade: The average profit from all winning trades
  • Average Losing Trade: The average loss from all losing trades
  • Your risk-to-reward ratio

How to use these numbers?

  • If the Average Winning Trade (reward) is larger than the Average Losing Trade: Remain focused on increasing this number and creating smaller losing trades
  • If the Average Losing Trade (risk) is larger than the Average Winning Trade: Focus on increasing winning trades and cutting losses early

3. Winning Trade Percentage

What is this number?

  • The percentage of winning trades out of total trades (this percentage does not include break-even trades)

How to use this number?

  • If 60-100%: You’re trading well, consider increasing contract size
  • If 40-60%: This is a sustainable and good range, maintain a positive risk-to-reward ratio to ensure profitability
  • If 0-40%: Improvement is part of the journey. Decrease contract size, consider adjusting your strategy
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